Professional Typing Rates
We are happy to offer student discounts and are willing to negotiate on
fees and payment arrangements depending on individual
circumstances--please ask!   However, payment is expected at
completion of project unless other arrangements have been made.  

First time clients - a downpayment is required.  

Our rates are as follows for 2011:


General hourly rate:  $20.00 per hour and up depending on project

Theses/Dissertations (straight typing):  $2.00 per page (for students)

Manuscripts/Script/Screenplay Typing:  
0-125 pages.......................     $20.00 per hour
125-250 pages...................     $15.00 per hour
250 + pages ......................     $10.00 per hour

Rush Fees*

Rush..................     $20.00 Fee

Digital Transcription:*     
Term Papers - same as manuscripts and theses/dissertations

Student Rates:

$2.00 per page

*It takes about 4 hours to transcribe one hour of audio.  This would depend
on the clarity of the audio.  Hard to decipher audio or several people
speaking at once or audio done in a noisy place, will lengthen transcription

PowerPoint presentations - priced per project

Special Event Programs ( Wedding, Church, etc. - priced per number and

Legal Typing - $25.00/hour or $3.50/page

Handwritten notes from $4.00 per page

CD copies - $5.00 each

Miscellaneous projects - discuss by phone, in person or e-mail

Outsourcing/contract work  - discuss price in person, phone or e-mail.

Retainer Fees

5-10 hours per month - $28.50 per hour

10-15 hours per month - $27.50 per hour

15-20 hours per month - $26.50 per hour

20+ hours per month - $25.00 per hour

Once we reach an agreement, you will be sent an Independent Contractor
contract before commencement of work.
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A minimum of $25.00 is charged for the hourly rate, which means any work
that takes less than an hour is charged for a full hour.

A rush is any assignment that has a requested turnaround time of less
than 24 hours unless other arrangements are made at the time of the