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Geri's Typing Solutions, LLC is an established home-based typing service.  
We provide fast and efficient typing services to relieve overload on your
staff, handle administrative flow and furnish secretarial assistance.  We are
extremely fast typists and just simply love typing.  Although we cater to
businesses, our typing service is also available to individuals, high school,
and college students.  Our specialty is legal and medical typing.  We are
also specialists in cassette and digital transcription.  

My name is Geri Holliday, Owner and Manager of Geri's Typing Solutions,
LLC.  I have been working in this field for a number of years.  My
experience has been in the legal, administrative and medical fields of the
business world.  

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from the
University of Phoenix.  When I first started this business about 10 years
ago, I wanted to establish a typing service that would meet the needs of
businesses, individuals and anyone that needed help with any project that
would not require a tremendous amount of work on their part.  Since then,
we have helped attorneys, students, real estate agents, churches,
individuals, doctors, and businesses meet their deadlines by taking the
excess workload from them.  We can take the load off of anyone who
simply does not have time to type anything from a single page letter to a
500-word thesis.
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